If you’re on a retox mission, speak to our Estate sommelier

The Sanchaya’s estate sommelier Jeroen L’abée started his career over two decades ago as restaurant manager and sommelier, working for Michelin restaurants, Relais & Châteaux in his homeland as well as in France and now Indonesia. He delights The Sanchaya’s guests, referred to as “residents”, with his wine tastings and delectable wine and cheese pairings. He has developed an exceptional Dom Ruinart Champagne menu with the estate’s Italian chef Giacomo Turzo, and is significantly expanding The Sanchaya’s collection of premium and discovery wines.

Do you have a philosophy that you believe in when setting guest service standards?

For the guest to, each and every time, experience sheer delight in discovering new wines with new people.

What is your favourite wine region and wine?

Bourgogne of course! The region makes the most refined and subtle wines in the world. Musigny would have to be my favourite wine, although last month I tasted and served at The Sanchaya a 2000 Château Mouton Rothschild Rehoboam 5L and its bouquet and complexity were remarkable.

What is a key food and beverage trend you are following for the next year?

We have recently implemented the Coravin system, which is an innovative wine technology that permits you to pour wine by the glass without pulling the cork. It involves inserting a needle through the cork to siphon wine out of the bottle without spoiling the rest, protecting the wine from oxidation. It’s genius!

For the guests, we are able to further personalize our wine and champagne experience by offering exquisite selections including Super Tuscans and French Grands Crus by the glass thanks to this technique. This also makes our wine and food pairings all the more exciting as our residents can engage in tasting and discovering more wines from around the world. It’s been extremely well received by the guests.

Do your “residents” have a favorite cocktail?

Our British guests tell us our Vesper Martini is second only to London’s Dukes Hotel, quite a compliment! Crafted from premium gin and vodka, Lillet (classic French vermouth, if you can find it…) and lemon peel, we have invested a lot of fun training and tasting into this one.

How significant are theater and experience in your craft?

Both are crucial. Essentially we are on stage and our residents must feel that we are professional and authentic. True experience fosters confidence and vice versa, and it is also a pleasure to be able to share your experience with, and subsequently foster confidence in, the upcoming generation.

Sanchaya Sanga

Monday 4th - Friday 8th June

While most practitioners of mindfulness retreat to the pagoda and the sangha for space and community, The Sanchaya is stepping up as an alternative venue for a retreat that indulges silence and calm, great food and fine wine.

An intimate five-day four-night retreat that balances morning beach boot camp sessions, meditation workshops and afternoon yoga and pilates with delectable spreads from the resort’s kitchens, premium vintages from its cellars, European cheese and rarified conversation.

designed for those in need of a getaway, combining some physical exertion and meditation with the finer things in life, such as dialogue with like-minded people.We’ll begin our days with a sweat session on the beach. Combining training methods of high-intensity intervals, strength and conditioning and functional fitness, we will get the heart rate up, muscles toned and endorphins flying!

In the afternoons we will shift our focus inwards to strengthen the mind-body connections. Slowing the pace down, we will fuse Pilates, yoga and somatic body practices to invite engagement, activation and release, all while syncing to the breath and inner landscape.

5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS All Inclusive

USD $3680.00 Single
USD $5400.00 Double

Saga Seeds

February 2018

Kumari Nahappan’s beautiful, giant fiberglass seeds will grace The Sanchaya with their presence from early 2018. This is where our Saga seed story begins. In total, 30 of these magical red seeds, initially discovered at the Venice Biennale’s ANIMA MUNDI International Arts Festival floating down the Rio di Santa Caterina canal, will eventually come to rest on the shores of The Sanchaya.

But before reaching Bintan, these amazing pods will embark on an incredible voyage, carried on the waves of emotion, the ebb and flow of the tides, encouraged by the wind, taking them across twenty different seas and oceans, navigating all the way from Europe to our Indonesian island in the South China Sea.

These intense, mesmerizing shapes and their many shades of red, their emanating energy, will entice you to walk, sit or even lay amongst them and contemplate the beginning of life, our very existence. A reminder of the beauty of nature: the seed, an embryonic plant enclosed in its protective outer covering. Once settled, the quest to take root becomes primordial to growth, strength, pushing forth on a path to the future. The life of a Saga seed echoes that of the potential of a human soul, endeavouring to exist in this world of ours.

If you’re on a retox mission, speak to our Estate sommelier

Sanchaya Sanga

Saga Seeds

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There’s a particularly lucky spot upon The Sanchaya’s private beachfront reminiscent of the powder white sands at The Maldives, popular for wedding proposals.


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