The Sanchaya has won a coveted spot in Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2017

The prestigious North American magazine announced that The Sanchaya was one of only 50 resorts across Asia to make the cut in its “Top Resorts in Asia” category, with voters scoring the estate 97 out of 100.

“This is a celebration of the Best in the World,” the Conde Nast Traveler Team said. “More than 300,000 readers submitted millions of ratings and tens of thousands of comments, sharing their recent travel experiences of the world's cities, islands, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, and airports - good or bad.”

Estate manager Magnus Olovson said he and The Sanchaya’s team were thrilled to be recognized by what industry critics deem the world’s most prestigious hotel awards.

“Like so many others, I fell for The Sanchaya at first sight,” said Olovson. “Its people, its design, its stunning natural setting and its exquisite atmosphere; the estate is a splendid place to be and it’s fabulous to receive such worldwide acclaim.”

All of the Top Resorts in Asia winners are featured online at

The Sanchaya was also selected for inclusion on Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot List of Best New Hotels in the World, as well as on Travel + Leisure's IT List for Best New Hotels Around the Globe and DestinAsian's Luxe List, in 2015.

Saga Seeds

February 2018

Kumari Nahappan’s beautiful, giant fiberglass seeds will grace The Sanchaya with their presence from early 2018. This is where our Saga seed story begins. In total, 30 of these magical red seeds, initially discovered at the Venice Biennale’s ANIMA MUNDI International Arts Festival floating down the Rio di Santa Caterina canal, will eventually come to rest on the shores of The Sanchaya.

But before reaching Bintan, these amazing pods will embark on an incredible voyage, carried on the waves of emotion, the ebb and flow of the tides, encouraged by the wind, taking them across twenty different seas and oceans, navigating all the way from Europe to our Indonesian island in the South China Sea.

These intense, mesmerizing shapes and their many shades of red, their emanating energy, will entice you to walk, sit or even lay amongst them and contemplate the beginning of life, our very existence. A reminder of the beauty of nature: the seed, an embryonic plant enclosed in its protective outer covering. Once settled, the quest to take root becomes primordial to growth, strength, pushing forth on a path to the future. The life of a Saga seed echoes that of the potential of a human soul, endeavouring to exist in this world of ours.

Internationally Renowned Fitness Expert in Residency at The Sanchaya

13 August 2018 - 23 August 2018

With an elite clientele including A-list celebrities, f i t n e s s a r t z founder Artur Zolkiewicz is taking ten days out of his busy schedule to complete a residency at The Sanchaya. From 13th – 23th August. UK-based Artur will host morning and afternoon classes, in addition to personal training and Q&A sessions.

High-intensity morning classes are designed to leave participants feeling energised, and will use a series of stretches and cardio exercises to target the whole body, whilst afternoon classes will place a higher focus on stretching to revitalise weary body parts. These classes will also feature breathing techniques designed to relax the body, alongside controlled articular rotations to help guests assess their bodies and spot potential imbalances and dysfunctions. Zolkiewicz’s fitness schedule will be complemented by a delicious menu of healthy post-workout breakfasts and vegan pea protein powder smoothies.

Having graced the front pages of health and fitness magazines in the United Kingdom, Zolkiewicz is determined to clear any misconceptions held about fitness and training by tailoring exercises to each customer. He said, “With so much conflicting information out there about what’s good and not good for your health, it’s understandably hard for people to know what’s actually good for them anymore so I also hope to answer any fitness-related questions the guests may have as well as provide tips and advice on creating new yet sustainable habits and routines.” Classes will be available for hotel guests only.

For further information about The Sanchaya’s fitness residency and Zolkiewicz, visit and

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